“I wanted to thank you again for an outstanding job in replacing the HVAC systems for my house. I appreciate your guidance, professionalism and your meticulous approach. Your staff was great also. Many thanks again. Best wishes for continued growth in your business.”

Tom Miers

“You can count on Tom Hague to be very informed on all aspects of HVAC systems… He does a professional job with no problems. Tom and his professional crew put in my entire system in two days in the 2010 summer heat and the job was completed in no time with no mess. He even does the paper work! If you want it done right call Tom Hague today and be living in the comfort of central air conditioning and heating in no time. Lowest prices also!”

John B.
Tuckerton, NJ

“I strongly recommend Hague Heating & Cooling. Not only were they extremely competitive in price and very professional, they were neat and tidy. I have already recommended them to several people!”

Julie V.

“I have used Hague Heating & Cooling as an air conditioning specialist for my seashore investment home for the last two summers. Last summer Tom Hague installed a new Trane air-conditioning unit, which has worked very well. He was efficient and the price was reasonable. I would recommend Hague Heating & Cooling based upon my great experience with the company.”

Robert E. Goldstein, Esq.
Heilbrunn, Pape & Goldstein, LLC

“The Trane 95% high efficiency natural gas fired heater and air conditioner you installed are already saving me money. I am paying about one third the cost of what I paid for propane gas heat last year. I paid $3000.00 for propane last year. The air conditioner uses less electric too. I have about 1700 square feet of living space to cool. My total electric cost was about $215.00 for July. I spend about $125.00 per month on electric when I am not running the air conditioner. $90.00 for electric to run the air conditioner during the hottest month of the year is good.
The Noritz tankless gas water heater supplies all the hot water we need. I have run the shower, whirlpool tub and the washer at the same time without running out of hot water.I expect my hot water costs to drop by two thirds.

I am not only pleased with the savings but with the quality of the job. My house was treated with respect; everything was cleaned up before you left the job each day. Thank you for a job well done.”

Richard Forker
Whiting, NJ


“My husband and I had the pleasure of having Hague HVAC  install a new heating unit and air conditioner. If you need a new one, I highly recommend this company. why? well let me start by telling you that this is a family owned business that cares about the little people. I have had some awful contractors who didn’t even return phone calls. Tom, the owner, returned all my calls very quickly. the installation was quick and clean..yes lady’s I said clean. I actually was dreading this project because all I ever had were problems in the past. But Hague HVAC were gems. My husband saw them at Lowes so this was on a whim. What a blessing. I had 3 inspections and they all said that this job was done great. Even when I got the bill for my permits that they paid for and I forgot to pay them (I filed it away) they just politely sent me another one. No hassle what so ever. Look, bottom line is you can either have a company that’s good or one that’s great!! I will be handing his card out and spreading the word about his company. We are a fully satisfied family.”
A.B. of Monmouth County


“Our experience with Hague was top notch. They greatly improved our quality of life by custom installing the Trane system which reduced noise pollution in our house. While our system was old, the sound (re:loudness) was our main impetus for replacing it. We couldn’t be more happy and will recommend Hague (and Trane) to anyone”
A. Levinson


“When we decided to buy our 1926 Dutch Colonial Revival this summer, our first priority was to install central air. It was a mighty hot summer, and the 1957 RCA window air conditioning the previous owner used to cool the first floor often sounded and looked like it would explode (or implode) at any moment.

Looking to retain the character of our home, and retain the dollars in our pockets, we looked to my uncle, who is an Architect who designs and builds multi-million dollar homes in NJ and NY. When asked if he knew of anyone who could do the work reliably, correctly, and affordably, he did not hesitate to recommend Hague Heating and Air Conditioning.

Mike Hague came to our house a few weeks prior to any work starting to inspect our home and give us our best options. He was smart, articulate, funny, and VERY knowledgeable of HVAC. We knew we wanted High Velocity installed, and were prepared to hear prices that would force us to sell our youngest child on EBAY.

Mike presented us with options, keeping in mind we were very weary of having ductwork running through out the house, or damaging the original cherry inlays in our wood floors. He meticulously walked through every crevice in the house, and presented us with several options and price ranges, all of which were well below other estimates we had received. We decided to go with a 2 zone conventional system because of the amazing estimate he gave

When it was time for the work to start, the team at Hague Heating and Air Conditioning were ALWAYS on time. Each and every morning. This was remarkable considering we are outside of Philadelphia, and they are NJ based. Mikes team worked quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, neatly. My wife see’s all dirt and dust… ALL. Not once did she mention or bring up any messiness being left by the crew.

In addition to always being punctual and clean, I truly appreciated the team constantly taking time to answer my questions during the install. Being the inquisitive (aka pesky/annoying) person that I am, I constantly badgered the team with questions and inquiries into what was being installed, drilled into, or collaborated. They never hesitated to stop and explain to me what was going on.

When it was all said and done, and within a few minutes of the installation being complete, my house was cooling wonderfully. Everything worked exactly as described, and Mike gave me a complete tour of the setup, including standard maintenance and upkeep.The team even came back a few weeks later to suspend the cooling unit from the basement ceiling to bring down some minimal vibration they had observed. We had not even noticed.

I can not express our gratitude for the time, effort, quality, and value provided by Hague HVAC in installation of our 2 zone Unico system. They may not be the biggest or flashiest HVAC outfit out there, but for this level of quality for the buck, HAGUE will always be my first choice for HVAC

The Hortas