Frequently Asked Questions

Customer: “My system won’t come on at all.”

Your Expert: Please check to be sure that your circuit breakers are in the “ON” position. Your circuit breakers are located in your home’s panel box which could be in your garage, a bedroom, or utility room. Be sure to “flip” the breaker marked Heat, Furnace or Air Handler to “OFF” then back to “ON.” Also flip the A/C breaker in the same manner. You should hear a “click” when you go to each position.

If both breakers are set to the “ON” position, go to your thermostat and be sure that it is in the heat or cool mode (whichever is the appropriate setting for the season.). Then be sure to set the temperature setting either above the room temperature (in heating) or below room temperature (in cooling).

If nothing is operating – you don’t feel air coming from your vents and/or the outdoor unit is not operating (A/C or Heat Pump only), you will need to schedule a service call. Please call our office at 609-448-5424.

Customer: “My system doesn’t heat or cool like it used to.”

Your Expert: The first thing you should inspect is your return air filter to see if it is dirty. If it is dirty, please change it immediately. Air cannot get through a dirty filter and will affect the performance and shorten the life of your system. If the filter is clean, please call us at 609-448-5424 to schedule a service call to find and correct the problem.

Customer: “I have high utility bills – much higher than normal!”

Your Expert: When was the last time you had maintenance performed on your system? A poorly-maintained system will not operate efficiently. Even if your system is only six months old, it still requires routine maintenance – just like your car. You should have your system inspected for proper operation and safety at least once a year, but twice is recommended. Your duct work is part of your heating and cooling system and should be inspected for leaks, as this can surely add to higher utility bills. Please click on our maintenance link for more information.

Also, the type and amount of insulation in your walls, ceiling and floors, your windows and doors, your exhaust fans, fireplaces, and doors can all have an effect on your comfort and operating costs.

Customer: “I have a heat pump and I noticed “smoke” coming from the outdoor unit in the winter. Is this a bad thing?”

Your Expert: The “smoke” you are seeing is actually steam. This is a normal occurrence for all heat pumps. It is the “Defrost Cycle,” where hot gas is being circulated throughout the outdoor unit’s coil and melting off any frost that may have accumulated. The “smoke” you are seeing is steam. This defrost cycle only lasts up to ten minutes and occurs about every 90 minutes. Some people can go years without ever noticing this cycle.

Customer: “My thermostat doesn’t operate.”

Your Expert: If your thermostat is battery operated, please change the batteries. It usually takes two AA or AAA batteries. If your thermostat doesn’t take batteries, check to see if your breakers are tripped. If they are, try to reset the breakers back to the “ON” position. If it doesn’t reset, you will need to schedule a service call. Please call us at 609-448-5424.

Customer: “I have a furnace, and it worked fine about an hour or so ago, now nothing works. What can I do?”

Your Expert: The first thing to check is your emergency switch. It is normally located in the hallway by the access to the furnace. It looks like a light switch with a red plate. Be sure that it is turned to the “ON” position. The plate sometimes says “GAS EM on/off” or “OIL EM on/off.” This switch turns off the electricity to your furnace only. It does not turn off the gas.

If the switch is on – go to your thermostat – turn your heat to “OFF” – turn down the temperature setting – then turn the red switch to off – wait 30 seconds – turn the red switch back to “ON” – go back to your thermostat and turn it to heat. Turn up the temperature 5 to 10 degrees above room temperature – wait for about three minutes. Your heat should come back on, and you should feel warm air coming through your vents. This action you just took resets your thermostat. If this doesn’t work, please schedule a service call.

Customer: “Our windows are sweating very badly, and we feel sort of sick – like the flu. But when we leave the house for a while, we feel better; what could cause this?”

Your Expert: Those are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Open your windows, get your family out of the house now! Call your fire department and tell them you suspect CO poisoning. They will come and administer first aid to you and your family as well as turn off any fossil burning appliances. Call us to come out and find the source(s) of the CO. We have special equipment to find the leaks. Do you own a CO detector? It is a wise investment to help protect you and your family. 

Customer: “What do I do if I smell gas and it smells really strong?”

Your Expert: Get yourself and your family out of the house now, go to a neighbor’s house, and call the fire department and the gas company from your neighbors’ house. DO NOT call from inside your house! This could cause a spark, and the gas could ignite causing an explosion. We will come out as well to find the cause and correct it. Please call us at (609) 448-5424 to schedule a service call to determine the cause.